Sweet Poffin - Hellfire
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Sweet Poffin - Hellfire


I can never draw enough distressed looking Corvos

Originally done to record my most recent process for painting, so maybe I’ll be posting that soon?? If enough people are interested ;0



Hello fellow cosplayers/crafters!

So today, I was asked how I made my feathers for my Griselda (Odin Sphere) wings using craft foam and… well… I was on mobile and Tumblr ate it.

So I’ll make one with pictures! It won’t be that great but oh well…. It’s only a small…


"isn’t it amazing what modders can come up with?? when a community comes together they can create wonderful things that make a game even better!!"




I messed up so bad on all their anatomy but whatever, this was just suppose to be a doddle but it kinda got away from me…

Anyway, classic horror movie monster AU!

Makoto is the experiment of Dr. Ryugazaki (because I really liked the Dr. Frakenstein/Frankstein’s creature mashup Halloween costume art from last year and because Mad Scientist!Rei is my life) and Haruka is a creature of the lake type fishboy. (Don’t ask how he can breath on land and in the water, I don’t make classic monster rules.)

Makoto is still afraid of everything but all the towns people are afraid of him so he’s bummed out most of the time. (The cats don’t seem to mind him though.) But he’s glad Dr. Ryugazaki made him regardless and helps him out with his other experiments and tries to make the best of things.

He stumbles upon Haruka in the lake just behind the Ryugazaki lab one night when he’s suppose to be collecting herbs for whatever experiment the Doctor has lined up. He’s scared at first and maybe Haruka has a bit of fun purposely scaring him a couple times when he has to come back to get stuff. Eventually they start talking and at some point Haruka makes a move.

I don’t know why but this needed to happen. ._.


Sometimes I think about what Carver does as a templar

"kieren’s walk is slightly awkward, slightly not right – his bones aren’t quite right. he’s not quite as agile as he was." [x]


purple hawke