paintover of ironstylus-senpai’s sketch.. with lots of love!

I love how you draw, it´s amaziiiiiiing~♥ >w< Also it´s great to know that more people ships Viktor x Jayce :_D There is SO little about them on the Internet that when I discovered your fanarts, I just died because... oh damn, it´s so lovely and so cute and so great ;w; Everyday I see another one of your Viktor x Jayce fanarts my heart melts >.< I would like to send you a big hug from Spain! (Oh, and also, I like Graves x TF and I love how you draw them too! ^^) Have a nice day! ^w^



Come here and give us a big hug!!!I was touched by you a long message. And I’m sorry not to have answered your message sooner. I love viktor and i more drawing him!!You have a nice day!

Pretty bummed that my Wasteland 2 save from when it was in the beta is gone.


adaar hype


i’m saving most of this sketchbook for my patreon, but this can go here too


buds helpin buds with anxiety :’^)


ultimate game: is that a headcanon human wheatley, a cecil, a humanized gravity falls triangle man, or is it the batter. bonus round of is it a onceler au 


DA:I doodles from the past week

All drawn with Sketchbook Pro app on the Galaxy Note 3

me flirting: so what's the deal with having to exist as a physical entity